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Prayer is the most powerful way to achieve closeness to Almighty Allah.  It not only restrains us from doing anything sinful but also has multitude benefits, least of which is cleansing past sins. There is absolutely no doubt that human being is a 'wrong-doer'. The best of priests and saints also seek God's forgiveness for their sins. The more a human indulges in worldly affairs, the more he gets prone to committing sins. It is rightly said that one has to be afraid of only two things in the world - Almighty Allah and your own sins.  Allah is the most merciful and beneficial, even though one commits sins in this materialistic world, his lord always forgives him.  The more one cries out in prayers keeping in mind not to repeat the sin, Allah willing all his prayers get answered - "And, he who answers the wronged one, when he calls upon him, and removes the evil" - Qura'n 27:62

Everyday Dua's


If you wish that you should not forget whatever you read, then recite this du'aa before commencing to read.




Al-laa-hum-maf-tah  a-laiy-ya  fu-too-hal  aa-ri-fee-na

bi-hik-ma-ti-ka  wan-shur  a-laiy-ya  rah-ma-ta-ka

wa  zak-kir-nee  maa na-see-tu  yaa  zal-ja-laa-li

wal  ik-raam



If your enemy is stronger than you and if a fight becomes

Imminent with him then recite this Du’aa 111 times after every





Al-laa-hu  la-tee-fur  ra-heem





70 angels write virtues for one thousand days

in the Book of Deeds of the one who recites

this Darood Sharif




Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  mu-ham-ma-dinw

wa  a-laa  aa-li  mu-ham-ma-dinw  wa  a-laa  ah-li








If anyone recites this Darood Sharif 100 times, then Allah Ta’ala will fulfill 100

 religious and worldly needs of his – 30 in this world and 70 in the Hereafter.



Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  mu-ham-ma-dinw  wa  a-laa  aa-li

mu-ham-ma-din hat-taa  laa  yab-qaa  mi-nas  sa-laa-ti  shai-unw  war-ham

mu-ham-ma-danw  wa  aa-laa  mu-ham-madin  hat-taa  laa  yab-aa  mi-nar rah-ma-ti  shai-unw  wa  baa-rik  a-laa  mu-ham-ma-dinw  wa  a-laa

aa-li  mu-ham-ma-din  hat-taa  laa  yab-aa  mi-nal  ba-ra-ka-ti  shai-unw

wa  sal-lim  a-laa  mu-ham-ma-dinw  wa  a-laa aa-li  mu-ham-ma-din 

hat-taa  laa  yab-qaa  mi-nas  sa-laami  shai’




This Du’aa should be recited before leaving the house.


Bis-mil-laa-hi  ta-wak-kal-tu  a-lal-laa-hi  laa  hav-la

wa-laa  qav-va-ta  il-laa  bil-laah







Whenever sadness, troubles and anxities overcome you, start reciting this

Darood Sharif and by its blessing all the adverse situations, and conditions

will get defused. Undoubtedly, its recitation will finish all troubles. 




Sal-lal-laa-hu  a-lai-ka  yaa  mu-ham-mad

noo-rum  min  noo-ril-laah





A person who wishes to get  full reward of his virtue should

Keep sending this Darood on him and members of his household.




Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  saiy-yi-di-naa  mu-ham-ma-di-nin

na-biy-yil  um-miy-yi  wa az-waa-ji-hi  um-ma-haa-til

mu’-mi-nee-na  wa  zur-riy-ya-ti-hi  ka-maa  sal-lai-ta

a-laa  ib-raa-hee-ma  wa  a-laa  aa-li  ib-raa-hee-ma

in-na-ka  ha-mee-dum  ma-jeed




Recite this Du’aa 3 times after every Namaaz.  Insha Allah all

your wishes will get fulfilled.


Fa-sah-hil  yaa  i-laa-hee  kul-la  sa’-bin

bi-hur-ma-ti  saiy-yi-dil  ab-raa-ri  sah-hil






This Du’aa is very beneficial to protect you against people who have

enimity or jealousy towards you.  Recite this du’aa three time, blow on your

palms and rub the palms all over your body before going in to meet an

unpleasant officer.  He will give you a good treatment.  If you recite this du’aa

seven times every morning and night,  Allah will protect you against all

kinds of troubles.





Kaaf  haa  yaa  ain  saad  ki-faa-ya-tu-naa

haa  meem  ain  seen qaaf  hi-maa-ya-tu-naa


wa  hu-was-sa-mee-ul  a-leem.








The virtue of this darood Sharif is as much as

reciting the entire Dalaail-e-Khairaat.  (Dalaail-e-Khairat is

a famous Arabic book which contains all the Daroods.)





Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  saiy-yi-di-naa

mu-ham-ma-dinw  wa  a-laa  aa-li  saiy-yi-di-naa

mu-ham-ma-din  a-da-da  maa  fee  il-mil-laa-hi

sa-laa-tan  daa-i-ma-tan  bi-da-waa-mi  mul-kil-lah





Reciting this Du’aa at the time of fear, or on journey, or

in a black night will dispel fear from your heart and you will

be safeguarded against all kinds of trouble.





Al-laa-hu  haa-fi-zee  al-laa-hu  naa-si-ree

al-laa-hu  haa-di-ree  al-laa-hu  ma-ee.






The benefit of this Darood Sharif is that, the person who recites it while

sitting down, his sins are forgiven before he gets up and if he recites

while standing up, his sins are forgiven before he sits down.




Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  saiy-yi-di-naa

mu-ham-ma-dinw  wa  a-laa  aa-li-hee  wa








If a person recites the following du’aa three times every morning and evening, he will not be troubled by anything.




Bis-mil-laa-hil-la-zee  laa  ya-dur-ru

ma-a  is-mi-hi  shai-un  fil  ar-di  wa-laa

fis-sa-maa-i  wa-hu-was-sa-mee-ul  a-leem







To ease out your problem, whatever it may be, recite this Darood Sharif

after performing ablution.  Recitation of this Darood Sharif makes one

successful and gets one’s wishes fulfilled.




Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  mu-ham-ma-dinw  wa  a-laa aa-li

mu-ham-ma-dim-mil-ad-dun-yaa  wa  mil-al-aa-khi-rah

wa  mu-ham-ma-dinw  wa  aa-li  mu-ham-ma-dim-mil-ad-dun-yaa

wa  mil-al-aa-khi-rah

waj-zi  mu-ham-ma-danw  wa  aa-la  mu-ham-ma-dim-mil-ad-dun-yaa

wa  mil-al-aa-khi-rah

wa  sal-lim  a-laa  mu-ham-ma-dinw   wa  a-laa  aa-li  mu-ham-ma-dim-

mil-ad-dun-yaa  wa  mil-al-aa-khi-rah




If you recite this Darood Sharif 10 times every morning and evening you will
achieve closeness to Allah and you will be bestowed with innumerable blessings and you will be protected from every evil.


Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  saiy-yi-di-naa  mu-ham-ma-di-nis-saa-bi-qi
Lil-khal-qi  noo-ru-hu  wa  rah-ma-til-lil  aa-la-mee-na  zu-hoo-ru-hu
a-da-da  mam-ma-daa  min  khal-qi-ka  wa  mam  bi-qi-ya  wa  man  sa-i-da
min-hum  wa  man  sha-qi-ya  sa-laa-tan  tas-tag-ri-qul  a-da-da  wa
tu-hee-tu  bil-had-di  sa-laa-tal  laa  gaa-ya-taa  wa  laa  mun-ta-haa  wa
lan-qi-daa-a  sa-laa-tan  daa-i-ma-tan  bi-da-waa-mi-ka  wa  a-laa  aa-li-hi
wa  as-haa-bi-hi  wa  sal-lim  tas-li-mam  mis-la  zaa-lik



If you are suddenly caught up in a problem recite this

Du’aa 1000 times in order to solve your problem.  Recite

Darood Sharif before and after this Du’aa.




Wa  ka-faa  bil-laa-hi  wa-kee-la.





If anyone recited this du'aa 7 times before undertaking a journey he/she

will remain safeguarded from all calamities.  If a written copy of the above

du’aa is kept by a person when traveling, the vehicle will be protected from

all mishaps.  If the same is kept in his home or amongst his goods then his goods will be safeguarded against theft.  If recited 11 times in the morning

and 11 times in the evening, the recitor will remain in peace and harmony,

and Allah will grant prosperity  in his/her wealth, and all his/her anxieties

and perplexities will be eradicated.




Al-laa-hu  ha-fee-zul  la-tee-fun  qa-dee-mun

az-zal-lun  haiy-yun  qaiy-yoo-mul  laa ya-naam






While facing any difficulties in any work recite this Du’aa one

hundred times after Ishaa Namaaz.  And you will meet with

 success if this du’aa is recited eleven times after every Namaaz.

all troubles will vanish and you will get good result and get the

help of the Almighty Allah




Rab-bi  yas-sir  wa-laa  tu-as-sir  wa  tam-mim

Bil  khai-ri  wa  bi-ka  nas-ta-een






Recite this Du’aa to protect yourself from any calamity





Al-ham-du  lil-laa-hil-la-zee  aa-faa-nee  mim-mab-

ta-laa-ka  bi-hee  wa  fad-da-la-nee  a-laa  ka-see-

rim  mim-man  kha-la-qa  taf-dee-laa










  The one who recites this Darood Sharif will never lack anything.  The Almighty Allah saves him from illness and troubles.  It is a Darood that is easily accepted.




Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa saiy-yi-di-naa  mu-ham-ma-din

af-da-li  am-bi-yaa-i-ka  wa  ak-ra-mi  as-fi-yaa-i-ka  man  faa-dat

mi-nan  noo-ri-hee  ja-mee-ul  an-waa-ri  wa  saa-hi-bil

mu’-ji-zaa-ti  wa  saa-hi-bil  ma-qaa-mil  mah-moo-di

saiy-yi-dil  aw-wa-lee-na  wal  aa-khi-reen.






If anyone recites this Du’aa three times a day every morning, the Almighty Allah keeps seventy type of calamities away from him/her, the least of which is worldly sadness and unhappiness.




Al-ham-du  lil-laa-hi  rab-bil  aa-la-meen

ham-dan  ka-see-ran  taiy-yi-bam

mu-baa-ra-kan  feeh








     Allah’s Messenger  (SAWS) will intercede for a person who recites this Darood Sharif seven times for seven Fridays





Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa

mu-ham-ma-din  ab-di-ka

wa ra-soo-li-kan  na-biy-yil  um-miy-yi

wa  a-laa  aa-li  mu-ham-mad






While facing difficulties in any work recite this supplication (du’aa)

one hundred times after Inshaa Namaaz and you will meet with

success.  If this supplication is recited eleven times after every

namaaz, all troubles will vanish and you will get good result and get the help of the Almighty Allah.





Rab-bi  yas-sir  wa-laa  tu-as-sir

wa  tam-mim  bil  khai-ri

wa  bi-ka  nas-ta-een









Anyone who recites this Darood Sharif once will get the reward

of ten thousand Daroods




Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  saiy-yi-di-naa

mu-hamma-din  sa-laa-tar-ri-daa  war-da

an  as-haa-bi-hee  ri-daa-ar  ri-daa






Whosoever  recites the supplication with  firm faith will undoubtly go to Paradise but 40 years before his death he will be made to forget this supplication.



Al-laa-hum-ma  yaa  I-laa-hal  ba-sha-ri  wa  yaa  a-zee-mal  kha-ta-ri

wa  yaa waa-si-al  mag-fi-ra-ti  wa  yaa  a-zee-zal  man-ni  wa  yaa  maa-li-ka

yav-mid-dee-ni  bi-haq-qi  iy-yaa-ka  na’-bu-du  wa  iy-yaa-ka  nas-ta-ee-nu

bi-rah-ma-ti-ka  yaa  ar-ha-mar  raa-hi-meen




Yaa  I-laa-hal  aa-li-mee-na  wa  yaa  khai-ran  naa-si-ree-na  wa  yaa

gi-yaa-sal  mus-ta-gee-see-na  bi-rah-ma-ti-ka  yaa  ar-ha-mar-raa-hi-meen








Recite this du’aa without reciting Darood  Sharif at the

beginning or at the end.  Blow in the water, Bathe with this

water.  Also drink the same water and sprinkle it in your house.


Bi-haq-qi  laa  i-laa-ha  il-lal-laa-hu  mu-ham-ma-dur

ra-soo-lul-laa-hi  wa  nu-naz-zi-lu  mi-nal  qur-aa-ni

maa  hu-wa  shi-faa-unw  wa  rah-ma-tul-lil-

mu’-mi-nee-na  wa-laa  ya-zee-duz  zaa-li-mee-na

il-laa  kha-saa-raa






You are given right guidance and sufficiency and are saved from all types of troubles and hardships the time you recite this du’aa.  Hearing this the devil departs from him.




Bis-mil-laa-hi  ta-wak-kal-tu  a-lal-laa-hi

laa  hav-laa  wa-laa  quw-wa-ta

il-laa  bil-laah






If you fear an enemy or feel there is a danger from him, you should recite this

aayat as much as possible.  The enemy will not be able to hurt you in any

way.  On the contrary, you will be able to prevail over the enemy.




Wal-laa-hu  a’-la-mu  bi-a’-daa-i-kum  wa  ka-faa

bil-laa-hi  wa-liy-yanw  wa  ka-faa  bil-laa-hi









Reciting this Darood sharif eleven times and blowing on a

sick person will cure him, Allah willing.



Al-laa-hum-ma  sal-li  a-laa  saiy-yi-di-naa

wa  mav-laa-naa  mu-ham-ma-din  tib-bil  qu-loo-bi

wa  da-waa-i-haa  wa  aa-fi-ya-til  ab-daa-ni  wa

shi-faa-i-haa  wa  noo-li-hee  wa  sah-bi-hee

daa-i-man  a-ba-daa





If anyone is surrounded by sadness or is in debt, he/she

should recite this Du’aa every morning and evening.  Allah

willing, his/her sadness will be removed and he/she will be

relieved of his/her debt.




Al-laa-hum-ma  in-nee  a-oo-zu-bi-ka  mi-nal  ham-mi  wal  huz-

ni  wa  a-oo-zu-bi-ka  mi-nal  aj-zi  wal  ka-sa-li  wa

a-oo-zu-bi-ka  mi-nal  jub-ni  wal  bukh-li  wa  a-oo-zu-bi-ka

min  ga-la-ba-tid  dai-ni  wa  qah-rir  ri-jaal








Allahu la ilaha illa Huwa, Al-Haiyul-Qaiyum
La ta'khudhuhu sinatun wa la nawm,
lahu ma fis-samawati wa ma fil-'ard
Man dhal-ladhi yashfa'u 'indahu illa bi-idhnihi
Ya'lamu ma baina aidihim wa ma khalfahum,
wa la yuhituna bi shai'im-min 'ilmihi illa bima sha'a
Wasi'a kursiyuhus-samawati wal ard,
wa la ya'uduhu hifdhuhuma Wa Huwal 'Aliyul-Adheem





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