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History of Life - The Reality So Far...

Well it all started up there, in the heavens. Allah(SWT) referred as 'God' in English made angels of smokeless fire. Then he created Adam, the first human from clay. He ordered all the angels to prostrate to his creation. Everyone fell prostrate save Iblis, he mentioned to Allah(SWT), that how can he prostrate to something made of mud or clay when he is superior as of being made of fire. Allah's wrath came on him & he mentioned that he is surely a disobeyer, the humiliated & disgraced as Allah(SWT) knows what no one else knows for he is the knower of all things. He ordered Iblis to go down from Paradise. Iblis knew that on the Day of Resurrection, he will be of the wronged one's, and there is no way he can make up now. So he requests Allah(SWT) to let him free till the Day of Resurrection. He says that the will lead astray all the people from worshiping Allah(SWT) till the day they are all raised. Allah(SWT) mentions, that his followers will certainly not follow Iblis & that he will fill Hell with Iblis & his followers. Iblis is the devil, which is also known as 'Satan'. His presence in the world is not neglected as he inflicts ill-faith amongst people & leads them astray.

Allah(SWT) then ordered Adam to go on earth & start mankind. He warned Adam & Hawwa(Eve) not to go near the  forbidden tree. But Satan inflicts them & they eat of the tree and become those of the wrong doers. Following this Adam, repents & prays to his lord, Allah, the Almighty to forgive him as if it was not for
Allah(SWT) to forgive Adam, he would be of the deprived one's. Allah(SWT) accepts his prayer & then what was hidden from their private parts, the shame was revealed. They were asked to cover the private parts & Allah(SWT) mentioned, that this earth is your dwelling place, you'll live here & die here & will be brought back to me. You will have to suffer for your sins & I shall pay you off for your deeds. What ever you do in this life shall decide for your hereafter.

Let it be known that in the time of Adam(AS), the first man and the first Prophet, judgment was pronounced according to the following procedure; after a sacrificial offering was made, one had only to wait. If a fire came down from Heaven to consume the sacrifice, the claimant was in the right; if, however, he was wrong, no fire came down to consume his sacrificial offering, and thereby he was judged.

When Seth(AS) was given to Adam(AS) as a 'Gift from Allah', he was made to resemble his father in form. Allah(SWT) sent Seth(AS) to Adam(AS) & Hawwa(RA) to make up for the loss of their beloved son Habil (Abel).

As a result of the efforts previous prophets, some people began to believe in Allah(SWT); but not for long. As time passed, they began worshipping the statue of their prophet. Due to these conditions, Allah(SWT) sent Idris(AS) for the reformation and guidance of those who had gone astray. He taught people that their is only one god, who is Allah(SWT). He tried to make his people abandon idol worship. He tried to free them from the greed of wealth and property. Only a few men paid heed to his teaching but the rest opposed him bitterly. Prophet Idris (AS) was born a hundred years after the death of Prophet Adam (AS). It is said that he was the first person to learn how to write. It is also said that Prophet Idris(AS) was taken to the heavens where he met a lot of Angels.

The after the gap of ten centuries from Adam(A.S) came Nuh(A.S.) or Noah referred in modern day English.  At that time people worshiped idols. These idols were mainly of the people who lived to be powerful, beautiful & sharp sighted. The later generation did not even know why these idols were erected & continued to worship them. Allah(SWT) gave guidance to Nuh (A.S) who was an excellent speaker. Nuh (A.S) with his preaching's touched the hearts of the weak, poor & miserable. He was however resented by the strong rich rulers who said that who looked on the warning with cold distrust.
Allah(SWT) asked Nuh(A.S) to create a ark with his knowledge & with the help of the angels. He ordered Nuh(A.S) to pick one pair from each species, animal, bird & insect. Then came the great flood & Nuh(A.S) as directed carried a pair from each species in the Arc. He prayed to Allah(SWT) as his wife & children were not able to make it. Allah(SWT) gave Nuh(AS) the knowledge that his wife was not of the believers & that his children were also pretenders. Water rose from the cracks in the earth, rain flushed from the sky in quantities, the seas & waves invaded the land. The interior of the earth moved in a strange way and the ocean floor lifted suddenly flooding the dry land submerging the earth. Nuh(A.S) continued to praise his lord in his prayers & the arc built by him survived the storms. With everything settling, Nuh(A.S) fell prostrate to the Almighty Allah & Allah(SWT) commanded him to start the life form again of those who were chosen & were of the righteous.

In the time of the Prophet Nuh(AS), judgment proceeded in this way; when two litigants appeared before a court, they were both placed within a fire. If the fire burned one of them, he was judged to be in the wrong; the one who was not burnt by the fire was judged to be in the right.

Prophet Hud was associated with the Aad community. They ascribed partners to
Allah(SWT) & worshiped other gods along with idols & thus Allah(SWT) guided Hud(A.S) to teach his people. Hud(A.S) tried to convince his people to be the righteous & worship Allah(SWT) alone. He was mocked by his people. A drought spread throughout the land, for the sky no longer sent its rain. The sun scorched the desert sands, looking like a disk of fire which settled on people's heads. Hud(A.S) continued his prayers to Allah, the Almighty. A thick cloud appeared and Allah(SWT) imposed violent wind for 7 nights & 8 days in succession & men were overthrown lying like hollow trunks of palm trees. Only Hud & his followers remained unharmed & the wicked people reduced to ruins. They migrated & lived in peace worshiping Allah, their true Lord.

After the destruction of Aad, the tribe of Thamud succeeded them in power & glory. They also fell to idol worshiping.
Allah(SWT) sent Prophet Salih,  from amongst them. He preached his people to worship only one God, Allah the Almighty & to give up ascribing partners to him. Some of them turned towards him whereas most of them were not comfortable leaving their old customs laid by their fathers & forefathers. They asked Salih(A.S.) that if he was a prophet, then he shall prove it by doing something which no one else can. Salih took the pledge from his people that if he were to perform such an act, then in return they will turn to Allah(SWT). All of them gave their word. Salih(A.S) prayed to Allah(SWT) & a beautiful she camel appeared. Salih told his people not to harm the she camel & to let it gaze in the land else they will become of the wretched. Following this, some of the people did turn to Allah(SWT) & became of the righteous one's, while others plotted against Salih. They decided to kill the she camel & succeeded in doing it. The entire civilization was caught in severe earthquakes and they lay dead, prostrate in their homes.

Ibrahim or Abraham(A.S) was given the guidance of
Allah(SWT) from a very early age. His father made idols with his hand to be worshiped by his people. Ibrahim did not like the idea of idol worship. He thought how can idols that cannot speak, move or do anything created by man able to rule humans. To search for his answers he went to the mountain cave and looked at the stars, the planets & the celestial bodies. He looked at the moon & said "this is my lord", who gives light in the dark. Looking at the moon set, he said "I will be surely of the wrong doers unless my lord guides me". He then looked at the sun & said, "it is surely my lord giving intense light guiding to all". At the sun set, he got disheartened and said, "surely this cannot be my lord & if my lord does not guide me, I shall be of among the wrong doers". He then returned to his people & mentioned that he surely has turned his face away from which they ascribe as their lords & prays to the creator of all, the sustainer, Allah(SWT). Ibrahim asked his people that what power does the idols possess which cannot speak or do any harm. He found them to be following as a tradition which their fathers were doing with no knowledge. Ibrahim took an axe and destroyed all the idols save one and hung the axe on its neck. When the people discovered they asked each other as to who might have done this, the first name they could guess was Ibrahim. They inquired Ibrahim of the same. He said, "you can ask your lords". The mentioned that Ibrahim is well aware that their lords cannot speak. Ibrahim said the culprit might be the big idol which is till standing which might have destroyed the others. The people in anger decided to punish Ibrahim. They decided to burn him, wood & fuel were collected from every household & people gathered to see the event. A pit was dug & Ibrahim was placed at the center. Ibrahim prayed to his lord, Allah, the Almighty to give sense to these people and to make them of the righteous. They lit the fire & Allah(SWT) commanded the fire to be a cool breeze for Ibrahim. Well, the other standing outside could feel the heat & their faced turned black after being burnt. The fire seemed never ending to the people & finally when it did, people were amazed to see Ibrahim coming out untouched, unharmed. Thus, do the followers put their trust in Allah, the creator, the sustainer. Following this, a girl & a man became followers of Ibrahim, the girl Sarah married Ibrahim & the man Lut(A.S) carried on to become a prophet. They left the land and emigrated Ur and other cities in order to teach people.

Ibrahim(A.S) prayed to Allah(SWT) & asked him how he gives life to the dead.
Allah(SWT) said, take 4 birds & cut them into portions mixing each of them and put the 4 portions in 4 hills. Call upon them & they will come to you. Sarah was not able to give birth to any child & requested Ibrahim(A.S) to marry their slave Hajar. Ibrahim was quite old when he was given the news of the birth of his son from Hajar, Ismail & later the birth of Isaac to Sarah after 14 years & than that of Jacob. The angels who came to Ibrahim(A.S) house went out to the people of Lot & told them to turn toward Allah(SWT). They were so out wretched that they thought ill of the angels & in their anger came towards them. Ibrahim(A.S) asked them to take his daughters for they are pure for them. They said that they think no ill of his daughters & came charging towards the two angels. The two angels said, 'O the people of Lot, we think no evil of you & have come to reveal the truth, so who so ever is the true follower depart from here with your family save your wife by the early part of the night. Before the morning, it rained stones of clay, layer over layer paying the due what the civilization had earned. Ibrahim(A.S) was ordered to take his wife Hajar and the very young son Ismail to al-marwa where he left his wife and son & turned back. Soon Hajar began to search for water for his very small son, Ismail as he was thirsty. She ran between the two hills, Safa & Marwa seven times which has become one of the rituals of the present day Hajj. Gabriel(A.S), a special angel came to their rescue & hit the ground and water flowed which is presently known as Zamzam.  Allah(SWT) put Ibrahim(A.S) on test, in his dream he saw Allah(SWT) asking to sacrifice his only son, Ismail. With so much pain & prayers, Ibrahim was blessed with his then only son who his lord, Allah(SWT), the beneficent, the merciful asked to be sacrificed. With a stone on his heart, Ibrahim(A.S) told the dream to his son. Ismail(A.S) was a follower from a very young age. He told his father to continue what he has been asked for and surely they will find them of the successful ones. At the time Ibrahim(A.S) closed his eyes to sacrifice Ismail, a sheep appeared instead of him which Allah(SWT) took as the sacrifice & was pleased with Ibrahim(A.S).

Ibrahim(A.S) along with his son Ismail were ordained by Allah(SWT) to build the holy Kaaba as a center for worshiping across the planet. Muslims all across the globe bow down or prostrate in front of their lord, Allah(SWT) in one direction, facing the Kaaba from which ever place or country they are at. Ibrahim(A.S) & Ismail became the guardians of the Kaaba. Ibrahim(A.S) prayed to Allah(SWT) to protect the Holy Kaaba from the evil doers & to purify it. Allah(SWT) accepted his prayers & till date with Allah(SWT) mercy, the Kaaba and the areas surrounding it has been made as the no harm land & peace & harmony exists in the land. It is forbidden to kill or to harm anyone in the areas covering the holy Kaaba.

Lut(A.S) was the first male to turn up to Islam following Abraham(A.S) teachings. He preached his people to be of the righteous & worship Allah(SWT). As most of the prophets, Lut(A.S) was also faced with the resentment of his people. He prayed to Allah(SWT) to make his people of the righteous. But his people were given to pride & idol worshiping. Allah(SWT) sent two angels to Lut(A.S). These angels were captured by the people & then tortured because of their non-human angelic beauty or appearance. The angels asked Lut(A.S) to vacate the city along with the followers save his wife. His wife was also from the disbelievers. By the sun rise, the city was captured in stones falling from sky as rain. These stones were of baked clay. It captured the people in the moment they were, sleeping & kept sleeping. Allah(SWT) saved Lut(A.S) along with his followers who escaped to the other land.

Ishaq(A.S) or Isaac was born in the family of Ibrahim(A.S). Ishaq was blessed with two sons, one of which was Yaqub(A.S) or Jacob. Yaqub(A.S) was favored from his parents from an early stage which gave rise to the enmity from his brother. Yusuf(A.S) was born to Yaqub(A.S). When death came to Yaqub(A.S), he asked his sons as to who after his death will they worship. His sons replied that they will worship his lord, lord of his forefathers, Ibrahim(A.S), Ismail(A.S) & Ishaq(A.S), One Allah(SWT) & to him have they surrendered.

Da'ud(AS) or David was a descendant of Yaqub(AS). Da'ud(AS) was one of the four prophets in Islam to have received revelations in form of a Book - The Zabur (Psalms). Da'ud(AS) could sing very well. His recitation of the Zabur even fascinated the birds and mountains. Da'ud(AS) was also gifted with the strength to mould iron into coats of mail with his hands. He was also a gifted craftsman and a very wise and clever person.

At the time of Da'ud(AS), justice was achieved by the following means; a chain was hung suspended in court. The litigant who was able to reach up to the chain was thought to be in the right, the one who failed to reach it, was judged to be in the wrong.

Sulayman(AS) also known as Solomon was Da'ud(AS) son. He was a very elegant person. At an early age, he even surpassed his father in skilful administration and justice. He surpassed all his brothers in wisdom, and so, succeeded his father as the king.

Sulayman(AS), by Allah's will, could talk to animals and birds. He could command the Jinn, who obeyed him, otherwise were threatened to the pains of Hell. They were employed in diving for pearls, constructing shrines and costly vessels. Also, the wind was under his command.

At the time of Salayman(AS) legal cases were decided as follows; there was a pit in King Sulayman's(AS) retreat. If two people came before the king, they were led to the pit and he whose foot sank into the pit was judged as being in the right, while the other was judged as being wrong.

Yusuf(A.S) said to his father that in a dream he saw eleven planets and the sun and the moon & he saw them prostrating themselves unto him. Yaqub(A.S) asked Yusuf(A.S) not to mention this to his brothers as they will plot a plot against him & that Satan is an open enemy. His brothers said that Yusuf(A.S) and his brother are more dearer to their father Yaqub(A.S). One of them suggested to kill Yusuf(A.S) or to cast him to some other land so that their father's favor be completely on them. One of them suggested not to kill Yusuf(A.S) and to dig a pit & keep Yusuf(A.S) there until a caravan arrives & finds him there. With the plot made they asked their father Yaqub(A.S) as to if they do not trust them of safeguarding Yusuf(A.S) and asked for his consent to take Yusuf(A.S) to play. They promised to take good care of him. Yaqub(A.S) said that it saddens him that you take Yusuf(A.S) to play and that he fears a wolf devours him while you all are completely unaware. They said that they are strong enough as a whole to protect Yusuf(A.S) if a wolf devours. And when they took Yusuf(A.S) along with them, they did as planned & kept him in the dug up pit & came back to their father weeping. They said to him that they were racing with one another & had made Yusuf(A.S) aside the belongings & a wolf came devouring him. They also mentioned to their father that they know he would not believe in them & that it is the truth. They also came back with false blood on Yusuf(A.S) shirt. Yaqub(A.S) said that something surely has beguiled them & that his course is patience now & Allah(SWT) is the only helper. There came a caravan & they sent their water drawer to the pit & he saw Yusuf(A.S) & told his caravan about it. They hid him & took him along & sold him for a low price, a few silver coins. The Egypt who bought him told to his wife to receive him honorably as might turn useful & that they may adopt him as their son. When Yusuf(A.S) reached prime, Allah(SWT) gave him wisdom & knowledge & taught him interpretation of events. The lady of the house where Yusuf(A.S) was, asked evil of him. Since Yusuf(A.S) was angelic in his appearance, she could not control her desire of him. She bolted the door & asked him to come to her. Yusuf(A.S) took refuge in Allah(SWT) & prayed to ward off evil & lewdness. They raced towards the door & she tore off his shirt from the back to find the master of the house at the other side of the door. She said, what shall be his reward who wished evil of her & put the blame of Yusuf(A.S). Yusuf(A.S) defended himself by saying that he was the innocent one & it was the lady who approached him. The witness of their folk said that if Yusuf(A.S) shirt is tore from front then it is him who conducted the evil else if it from the back it must be the lady of the house & Yusuf(A.S) cannot tear his shirt from his back. When the master of the house saw that his shirt was tore from back, he asked the lady to turn away & ask for forgiveness of her sin. All the women in the city said that the ruler's wife had been smitten her heart with love & wished an ill deed to the adopted boy. When she heard of this, she sent for a feast to all the women & invited them to her house & gave each of them a knife. When they saw Yusuf(A.S) they cut their hands saying that he is not a human & purely he is an angel mentioning that is was not the fault of ruler's wife as even they had been given to his beauty. The ruler's wife said that since all of them were given to an evil act it should be Yusuf(A.S) who should be imprisoned. Yusuf(A.S) prayed to Allah(SWT) that imprisonment is more dearer to him, else he should fall a pray to the evil acts of the women & become one of the wronged one's. So Allah(SWT) heard his prayer & fended off their wiles from him. Two of the men who went to prison Yusuf(A.S) mentioned their dreams to him, one of them said that he saw in a dream that he was pressing wine while the other said that he saw he was carrying on his head bread, which the birds were eating. Yusuf(A.S) interpreted the dream as for the one he will pour wine for his lord to drink. For the other he will be crucified so that the birds will eat from his head. Yusuf(A.S) remained in prison for some years & the king sent for his people to find the best interpretation of his dream. He saw seven fat kine which seven lean were eating and seven green ears of corns and other seven dry. All the interpreters said that it is a jumbled dream and that they have no knowledge of it. One of the two who was released, came to Yusuf(A.S) to ask for the interpretation. Yusuf(A.S) replied, that you shall sow seven years as usual, but that which you reap leave it in a ear all save a little which you eat, then after that will come seven hard years which shall devour all that you have prepared save a little which you have stored. Then after that will come a year when the people will have plenteous crops and when they will press wine & oil. The king said asked Yusuf(A.S) to be brought to him. Yusuf(A.S) asked the people to go back & ask as to what happened to the women who cut their hands. The ruler's wife said that the truth is out now and that Yusuf(A.S) was the innocent one. The king called of him & said that he will make him one of his people. He made Yusuf(A.S) a set custodian of the store house. With Allah's(SWT) mercy, his brethren came to him to take measure not knowing that he was Yusuf(A.S) but Yusuf(A.S) recognised them at once. He asked them to bring their brother from their father else they shall not be entertained and brought near. They said that they will try to win the trust of their father & get their brother along. Yusuf(A.S) told his young men, to put the merchandise his brothers presented back in their saddlebags so that they know that only when they return. They mentioned to their father that the measure was denied to them until they present their brother to him. Their father asked them if he can trust them this time. They opened their belongings & found their merchandise which they had exchanged. They said to their father that their measure has been returned to them & that now they can go with additional load of camel & get more merchandise. Yaqub(A.S) asked them that he will only trust them this time if they give an undertaking with Allah(SWT) name. They gave the undertaking and took their brother. Yusuf(A.S) told his brother not to fear and told him that he is his brother. He took a cup & placed it in their saddlebags. When they were returning, a crier cried that the kings cup has been stolen & they produced it from Yusuf(A.S) brothers bag. They said that they will have to keep the younger brother with them as he is the one who stole the cup. The brothers said that the younger brother has an old father & if they are required to keep, they can take anyone of them instead. To which, the people of the city replied that by Allah(SWT) they were to keep the one who possessed the property else they will become of the wrong doers. The eldest of them said that he does not have the courage to face his father & he took the undertaking from him. He told the rest of the brothers to go forth & tell the truth to their father. They came back & said that his son has stolen & that the people of the city have made him captive. To this, their father Yaqub(A.S) grieved & remembered Yusuf(A.S). He said that again something has beguiled them & that his patience rests with Allah(SWT) only. He kept crying till the time his eyes whitened. His sons said that he will worsen his condition himself grieving for Yusuf(A.S) & his brother. They went back to the people of the city & took their merchandise along. They asked Yusuf(A.S) to accept whatever merchandise they had on their younger brother's behalf & to set free the younger brother. Yusuf(A.S) said, that are you aware of what you did to Yusuf(AS) & his brother? To this, they said it is indeed he is Yusuf(A.S). They asked forgiveness of Yusuf(A.S). Yusuf(A.S) forgave them & prayed to Allah(SWT) to pardon his brothers. Yusuf(A.S) gave his shirt to his brethren & asked them to place that on their father's eyes so that he starts seeing again. Yusuf(A.S) parents were brought to him & he fell prostrate to them & welcomed them to Egypt where they will reside in peace. Yusuf(A.S) told his father Yaqub(A.S) that this was the interpretation of the dream which he saw when he was young.

Ayoub(A.S) was one of the best believers, he was steadfast & always repentant. Allah(SWT) had given him all luxuries of life. Afterward, he was tested & his wealth was taken away from him. He fell prostrate to Allah(SWT) mentioning that he is the one who gives & his is the one who takes away. Everything belongs to Allah(SWT). For years Ayoub(A.S) enjoyed life of wealth & pleasure & for some years he had lost almost each of his belongings. Allah(SWT) found him still repenting & prostrating to him. Allah(SWT) ordered him to continue on his path of the righteous & to smite the ground with his foot. A cool bath & a refreshing drink gushed out & soon all the wealth of Ayoub(AS.) was restored as he was one of the steadfast.

Egypt was ruled by the Pharaoh who was given to his own belief. He considered that there is no god & preached the same to his people. He said that since he gives them shelter, food & protection from enemy & that he is indestructible, his people should worship him. He forced people to worship him. He ordered all the male children which were born to be killed. Musa(A.S) mother gave birth to him and with a stone at her heart, she had to get away from him else he would be killed. She kept Musa(A.S) in a basket with tears in her eyes & floated it in the river. She asked one of the young girls to follow through the course of the river. With Allah(SWT) direction the basket with baby Musa(A.S) reached the Pharaoh palace where the guards took him to the Pharaoh. Allah(SWT) filled Pharaoh's wife with love for the little baby. She said that they are going to adopt Musa(A.S) as a son as he was very beautiful. With Allah(SWT) grace Musa(A.S) mother was called to nurse the baby. Thus, Allah(SWT) raised Musa(A.S) in Pharaoh's family in front of his mother. When Musa(A.S) reached his early maturity, he saw two men fighting, in order to control the most aggravated one, he killed him. After which he felt sad & repented to Allah(SWT) and asked his pardon & forgiveness. Next day a man came to him saying that people of the city are searching for him as he has killed an Egyptian & the penalty to kill an Egyptian is death. Musa(A.S) was given to running away. He ran to a different city. After hours & days of walk when he reached a nearby city he saw two sisters waiting to get their sheep watered. He asked them as to why they were waiting? They replied that they are not allowed to water their sheep till the time the men have completed to do so. Musa(A.S) offered to water their sheep. The sister's were impressed by Musa(A.S) move & told the same to their father who invited him to his home. Even the old man was impressed by Musa(A.S) and offered him to marry one of his daughter's provided he works for him for eight years. Musa(A.S) did accept the offer. Later, after a few years Musa(A.S) saw a fire at a distance. He told the people of the household to stop there & that he should go forth & get a brand from it so that they may take warmth from it. On his way there from the right part of the blessed valley he heard a beautiful voice. Allah(SWT) revealed it is him. Musa(A.S) was afraid & Allah(SWT) asked him to be patient & gave him knowledge. He asked him to throw his staff in the ground which became a serpent. He asked him to thrust his hand into his robe at the armpit. It came out shining. Musa(A.S) prayed to Allah(SWT) that he has killed a man & he fears that the Egyptian will kill him. He prayed to Allah(SWT) to protect him & his brother. Allah(SWT) gave knowledge to Musa(A.S) and ordered him to go to Pharaoh & ask him to leave the Israelites whom he captured who were to given to worshiping Allah(SWT). Musa(A.S) took his brother along & went to Pharaoh with this message. Pharaoh took Musa(A.S) as a mad man who was questioning his authority. He reminded Musa(A.S) that he was the one who raised Musa(A.S) & that he owes a lot to him. He asked Musa(A.S) if he is indeed sent by Allah(SWT) then he should show him some proof. Allah(SWT) ordered Musa(A.S) to throw his staff, the moment Musa(A.S) threw it on the ground it became a serpent. Pharaoh said that this is mere magic & asked him to show another proof. Allah(SWT) asked Musa(A.S) to thrust his hand into his robe at the armpit. The moment he took it out, it had a brilliant shine. The chief's of the Pharaoh said that he is indeed a magician. They challenged Musa(A.S) to compete with the city's best magicians. The magicians asked Pharaoh that if they will win over Musa(A.S), they will deserve a reward which the Pharaoh agreed to. Musa(A.S) prayed to Allah(SWT) for help. The day came, the magicians asked Musa(A.S) if he would like to start. Musa(A.S) asked them to start. They threw their sticks and impressed the crowd with their magic. Allah(SWT) ordered Musa(A.S) to throw his & it swallowed all others sticks. The magicians were amazed & fell prostrate to Musa(A.S) saying this is no magic. They said we believe in the lord of Musa(A.S) & his brother, the lord of the worlds. The chief's of Pharaoh blamed Musa(A.S) for misleading them. Pharaoh ordered their alternate hands & legs to be cut. They said that they have surrendered to the lords of the worlds & that they prefer to die as believers. The people who became believers said that they suffered before Musa(A.S) came & still suffered after Musa(A.S) revealed truth. Whenever any good befall them, they said it is theirs & whenever anything evil inflicted them they said it is because of Musa(A.S) and his brother. Musa(A.S) prayed to Allah(SWT) to give them knowledge. Allah(SWT) sent flood, locusts, frogs & blood to warn them but they became of the evil doers. Musa(A.S) took the people who believe to different parts of the country. Their they request Musa(A.S) to build them idol to worship. Musa(A.S) told them that they do not know that Musa(A.S) himself knew. He asked them to refrain from idol worshiping. Allah(SWT) appointed forty nights of solitude for Musa(A.S). Musa(A.S) asked his brother to take care of the people as he has to move out of the city. He instructed him to take due care of the people else they will become of the evil doers. Musa(A.S) prayed that he would like to gaze Allah(SWT). Allah(SWT) said that he cannot gaze him but can gaze a mountain which came crashing throwing Musa(A.S) senseless. Musa(A.S) got up & repented to Allah(SWT) & said that he is first of the believers. Allah(SWT) preferred Musa(A.S) as he spoke with him & let him gaze & he surely found him thankful. Allah(SWT) gave tablets of his revelations to Musa(A.S). When he returned to his people he saw that they have made a calf of all the ornaments they had & are worshiping it. Musa(A..S) was very angry & held his brother by his head & prayed to Allah(SWT) to forgive them. Allah(SWT) said that he forgives who turns repentant. Musa(A.S) took seventy men with Allah(SWT) will and Allah(SWT) ordered Musa(A.S) to smite the ground with his staff. Water gushed out of twelve different spots which were distributed to twelve different tribes formed of Musa(A.S) people. Pharaoh ordered his men to do hardship on the believing men & women. When Pharaoh's hardship reached its peak & the believing men & women were given to patience praying to Allah(SWT), Allah(SWT) ordered them to leave the city. Musa(A.S) took his people & ran from Pharaoh's & his folk. When Pharaoh heard this he ordered his army to follow them & kill them all, he personally went along with the army. While running from Pharaoh's folk they reached the sea. At the back was the army & in front the sea. At both sides, death was waiting for them. Musa(A.S) prayed to Allah(SWT). Allah(SWT) ordered Musa(A.S) to smite the sea with his staff. As soon as Musa(A.S) did that, the sea divided itself to two making way for them to walk. Upon reaching the other side, Musa(A.S) again smited the sea at the time when Pharaoh's entire army was crossing it. The sea became normal & drowned the evil doing Pharaoh & his folks. Thus, do Allah(SWT) help his believing folks.

After some time, Musa(A.S) along with his people captured a fish and on the way Musa(A.S) kept it at a place & forgot it. The fish found its way to the water & swimmed to the sea. The companions of Musa(A.S) asked for the fish as they were hungry. Musa(A.S) exclaimed that have they not seen to fish taking its way back to the waters & that Satan caused him to forget it. They started walking at their way back to find another food. In the meantime, Musa(A.S) met a man who was a believer. Musa(A.S) asked him if he can be with him & learn some good conducts. The man said that Musa(A.S) cannot bear with him. Musa(A.S) said that he will find him with patience. He asked Musa(A.S) not to ask or speak anything to him. Musa(A.S) agreed to his & they set for their ride in a ship where the man made a hole. Musa(A.S) reacted looking at the hole & asked him if he has made the hole to drown them. The man replied that Musa(A.S) should not speak with him. Musa(A.S) asked forgiveness & again became patient. they met a young boy in the city whom the man slew. Musa(A.S) again asked the reason as to why he killed the boy. The man again exclaimed that he should not speak with him. Later they came to a city & requested food, but the people refused to make them guests. They they saw a wall ruined & about to fall. The man repaired the wall. Musa(A.S) inquired that he could have taken fee for it. The man said that this is the end point of their meeting & that they need to depart. He told the interpretations of the events to Musa(A.S). He said as for the ship, the king for taking everyone's ship by force & the ship they came in belonged to a poor man who could repair it and use it later. For the young lad, his parents were believers & he feared that on growing up he will be rebellious to them being a disbeliever. And finally as for the wall, it belonged to two orphans in the city which had a treasure beneath it. When the orphans will grow they can use the treasure to survive. Allah(SWT) gave this knowledge to him & he acted upon it.

The Prophet Musa(AS) was given the Torah and all judgment proceeded according to its law.

Yunus(A.S) was born to people who were given away from being believers. He preached them to be of the righteous. Finally when he knew that all his efforts were in vain & those people will not turn to Allah(SWT) & be of the righteous, he left them. Allah(SWT) torture befell at them. Later, Yunus(A.S) boarded a ship & went along a few believing folks. With Allah(SWT) order the sea changed its course. It became harsh & strong waves took the ship. The people in the ship threw off all their merchandise to lower the load however the ship was still on the verge to sink. It was decided that they would need to get rid off one person to lower the burden. They decided to take a chit, it was Yunus(A.S). People knew he was a kind man so they decided to do it again. To their surprise, it was again Yunus(A.S). For the third time, it was Yunus(A.S) again. Yunus(A.S) knew it was from Allah(SWT) that his name has been picked. He kept remembering Allah(SWT) & stood on the ship. He took a jump in the dark waters. Allah(SWT) directed a big whale to swallow him. Yunus(A.S) thought that he is dead. He woke up and prayed to Allah(SWT). He kept praying in the belly to be freed. Later, Allah(SWT) directed the fish to free Yunus(A.S).

Yahya(A.S) or John was born to the family of Zakariyah(A.S) or Zechariah. Zakariyah(A.S) reached his old age did not have an offspring. He feared that after his death who would carry on his family & support his wife. One day he went to meet Maryam(PBUH) or Mary where he saw a fresh off season fruit kept at her place. He inquired where she got it from. She answered from Allah(SWT) as he is the one who gives one to her every day & he is the one who gives to whom he likes. Zakariyah(A.S) then prayed to Allah(SWT) to grant him a son. The angels gave him the good news of birth of Yahya(A.S) at the praying place. Zakariyah(A.S) said to his lord that how could he have a child as he has reached his old age & his wife is barren. Allah(SWT) answered he gives to whom he will. Zakariyah(A.S) asked for a token to which the almighty Allah(SWT) replied that he will not be able to speak with anyone unless by actions. And for three days Zakariyah(A.S) could not speak to anyone & later Yahya(A.S) was born to his household.

In Prophet Zakariyah(AS) time the judgment was pronounced like this; Zakariyah(AS) had two iron pens. When two people came before him seeking a legal decision, he would write their names upon these pens and place them in a container of water. The pen that floated to the surface bore the name of the litigant, who won his case, while the pen that sank to the bottom bore the loser's name.

Maryam(PHUH) or Mary was born to the house of Imran & Hana. Imran & Hana did not have a child. Whenever Hana looked at any infant her urge to be a mother increased. She prayed to Allah(SWT) to bless her with a child. Allah(SWT) heard her prayers & gave her the news of the birth of a girl child Maryam(PBUH). She wanted to have a male child and feared that her daughter may be troubled by the people. She prayed to Allah(SWT) to protect her daughter & her descendants. Maryam(PBUH) was given to worshiping Allah(SWT) at a very early stage. She is referred to be called as the best of the women worshipers of her time. Zakariyah(A.S) who was the brother of her mother, Hana taught her more about her religion & Allah(SWT). When she became mature she was given the good news of being given a child. She asked the angels as to how can she give birth when she was not married to any man or neither has any man touched her. She was answered, Allah(SWT) is able to do all things. She ran out of the city thinking what will she answer to her people when inquired about the baby. In her run she felt pain & gave birth to Isa(A.S) or Jesus, son of Maryam under a dry palm tree. She had lost her strength when a voice informed her to shake the tree & eat the dry dates which fell to regain her strength. She decided to bring the baby back to her home but feared what will she tell them if they inquired of his father. To her surprise, the baby started speaking to her & asked her to keep her finger on the lips when anyone inquired anything to her to show she is in a state of fasting. When the people inquired from Maryam(PBUH) about the baby, the baby himself started speaking. He said, that he is a prophet and that he is a believer to Allah(SWT). Isa(A.S) spend his childhood at ease. He knew what other knew not. He was given special powers by Allah(SWT). On one night, Yahya(A.S) & Zakariyah(A.S) were killed by the unbelieving folks. Allah(SWT) gave revelation to Isa(A.S) to call the children of Israel. Thus, Isa(A.S) spent his life thereafter with struggle to bring back the people to believing. His teachings annoyed the priests as every word by Isa(A.S) was a threat to them & their position, exposing their misdeeds.

He let the priests understand that those who call people to Almighty Allah are not executioners. His call was based on mercy for the people, the aim of all divine calls. Jesus continued to pray to Allah(SWT) for mercy on his people and to teach his people to have mercy on one another and to believe in Allah(SWT). Jesus was blessed by Allah(SWT) and he could bring the dead to life. Jesus saw that those who believed in him were from among the poor, the wretched, and the downtrodden, and their number was small. Jesus went on his mission until vice knew that its throne was threatening to fall. So the forces of evil accused him of magic, allegiance with the devil; and when they saw that the poor people followed him, they began to scheme against him. The plot was laid for the capture and murder of Jesus. He was arrested and the council of the high priests passed the death sentence upon him. Then, they began insulting him, spitting on his face and kicking him. Then they crucified him and, as a further mockery, two thieves with him. But the faith of Islam came with views quite different from that of the extend gospels with regards to both the end of Jesus and his nature. The Glorious Qur'an affirms that Allah(SWT) the Exalted did not permit the people of Israel to kill Jesus or crucify him. What happened was that Allah(SWT) saved him from his enemies and raised him to heaven. They never killed Jesus, they killed someone else.


The Prophet Isa(AS) was given the Injil(Bible) and justice was done according to its precepts.

Mohammed(PBUH) was born in Mecca (Makkah), Arabia, on Monday, 12 Rabi' Al-Awal (2 August A.D. 570). His mother, Aminah, was the daughter of Wahb Ibn Abdu Manaf of the Zahrah family. His father, 'Abdullah, was the son of Abdul Muttalib. His genealogy has been traced to the noble house of Ishmael, the son of Prophet Abraham in about the fortieth descend. Mohammed's(PBUH) father died before his birth.

Before he was six years old his mother died, and the doubly orphaned Mohammed(PBUH) was put under the charge of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib who took tenderest care of him. But the old chief died two years afterwards. On his deathbed he confided to his son Abu Talib the charge of the little orphan.

Mohammed(PBUH) was still a boy when he worked as a shepherd. Later he grew to become a young noble man. Makkans like Abu Talib were merchants and the journeys they made where very long. Their camels brought many different goods into Makkah. This was a very good and exciting experience for Mohammed(PBUH) and when he grew older he was able to lead the caravans on his own. The fair character and the honorable bearing of the unobtrusive youth won the approbation of the citizens of Mecca, and by common consent he received the title of "Al Ameen," The Faithful.

The time came for Quraysh to prepare a caravan to go to Syria. Abu Talib was going with them and he took Mohammed(PBUH) along. It was Mohammed's(PBUH) first journey to the north. After days of travel, the caravan arrived at a place near Syria where the Romans used to come to trade with the Arabs. Near this marketplace lived a monk called Bahira’. His cell had been used by generations of monks before him and contained ancient manuscripts.

Bahira' saw the caravan in the distance and was amazed to see that over it was a large white cloud. It was the only cloud in a clear blue sky and it appeared to be shading one of the travelers. The monk was even more surprised to see that the cloud seemed to follow the caravan but disappeared when the person it was shading sat down under a tree. Bahira’ knew from the scriptures that a prophet was expected to come after Jesus and it had been his wish to see this prophet before he died. Realizing that what he had just seen was a miracle, he began to think that his wish might, after all, come true.

The monk sent an invitation to the Meccans to come and eat with him. The Arabs were surprised because they often passed by and Bahira’ had never invited them before. When the group was all together for the meal, the monk said, 'Is this everyone?’ 'No', someone said, 'a boy was left watching the camels.'

Bahira’ insisted that the boy should join them. The boy was Mohammed(PBUH). When he arrived, Bahira’ said nothing, but watched him all through the meal. He noticed many things about his appearance which fitted the description in the old manuscripts. Later on he took him aside and asked Mohammed(PBUH) many questions. He soon found out how he felt about the idols in the Ka'bah. When Bahira tried to make him swear by them, as the Arabs used to do, Mohammed(PBUH) said, 'There is nothing in this world that I hate more'. They talked together about Allah, and about Mohammed's(PBUH) life and family. What was said made Bahira certain that this was indeed the Prophet who would follow Jesus.

Then the monk went to Abu Talib and asked him how he was related to Mohammed(PBUH). Abu Talib told him that Mohammed(PBUH) was his son. Bahira replied that this could not be so because the boy was destined to grow up an orphan, and he ordered Abu Talib to watch over Mohammed(PBUH) with great care. There are many stories told about Mohammed's(PBUH) youth. Some tell of how he used to take the family's sheep to graze and was always kind to them. While they grazed he would sit thinking about the mysteries of nature. Unlike those around him, he never worshipped the idols and never swore by them. He also wondered why people were always struggling for power and money, and this saddened him and made him feel lonely, but he kept his feelings to himself. He was a quiet, thoughtful boy, and rarely played with other boys of his age.

On one occasion, however, Mohammed(PBUH) went with some of the boys to a wedding in Mecca. When he reached the house he heard the sounds of music and dancing but just as he was about to enter he suddenly felt tired and, sitting down, fell asleep. He didn't wake up until late the next morning and thus missed the celebrations. In this way Allah(SWT) prevented him from doing anything foolish for He was keeping Mohammed(PBUH) for something much more important.

In his early years, Mohammed(PBUH) was not free from the cares of life. He had to watch the flocks of his uncle, who, like the rest of the Bani Hashim, had lost the greater part of his wealth.

From youth to manhood he led an almost solitary life. The lawlessness rife among the Meccans, the sudden outbursts of causeless and bloody quarrels among the tribes frequenting the Fair of Okadh (The Arabian Olympia), and the immorality and skepticism of the Quraish, naturally caused feelings of pity and sorrow in the heart of the sensitive youth. Such scenes of social misery and religious degradation were characteristic of a depraved age.

In Makkah there lived a wealthy widow whose name was Khadija. She owned trade caravans and employed Mohammed(PBUH) to lead them for her. Khadija had made a very wise choice, for Mohammed(PBUH) was a good honest tradesman and a very successful one. Later on, Mohammed(PBUH) and Khadija were married and settled down with their children to lead a happy and peaceful life in Makkah.

When Mohammed(PBUH) reached thirty-five years, he settled by his judgment a grave dispute, which threatened to plunge the whole of Arabia into a fresh series of her oft-recurring wars. In rebuilding the Sacred House of the Ka'ba in A.D. 605, the question arose as to who should have the honor of raising the black stone, the most holy relic of that House, into its proper place. Each tribe claimed that honor. The senior citizen advised the disputants to accept for their arbitrator the first man to enter from a certain gate. The proposal was agreed upon, and the first man who entered the gate was Mohammed(PBUH) "Al-Ameen." His advice satisfied all the contending parties. He ordered the stone to be placed on a piece of cloth and each tribe to share the honor of lifting it up by taking hold of a part of the cloth. The stone was thus deposited in its place, and the rebuilding of the House was completed without further interruption.

As the years passed and Mohammed(PBUH) grew older, he began to think deeply about many things. Although his own family life was very happy, several problems worried him. Mohammed(PBUH) often wandered by the mountains outside Makkah and here, in a cave in Mount Hira, he used to sit and think in peace and solitude: I wonder how it happened that I, who was once an orphan, am now such a rich man, Mohammed(PBUH) thought, I have a good wife and loving children, and yet I am still not entirely happy.

Mohammed(PBUH) knew very well why this was so, for he had long been troubled by the situation that existed in Makkah: They don’t help the poor. They do not bother about caring for orphans or nursing the sick back to health. People in Makkah seem to be interested only in having a lot of money and when they have that, they want even more! These thoughts troubled Mohammed(PBUH) for many years.

Khadijah bore Mohammed(PBUH) three sons and four daughters. All the males died in childhood.

Mohammed(PBUH) was now approaching his fortieth year, and his mind was ever-engaged in profound contemplation and reflection. Before him lay his country, bleeding and torn by fratricidal wars and intolerable dissensions; his people, sunk in barbarism, addicted to the observation of rites and superstitions, were, with all their desert virtues, lawless and cruel. His two visits to Syria had opened to him a scene of unutterable moral and social desolation, rival creeds and sects tearing each other to pieces, carrying their hatred to the valleys and deserts of Hijaz, and rending the townships of Arabia with their quarrels and bitterness.

For years after his marriage, Mohammed(PBUH) had been accustomed to secluding himself in a cave in Mount Hira, a few miles from Mecca. To this cave he used to go for prayer and meditation, sometimes alone and sometime with his family. There, he often spent the whole nights in deep thought and profound communion with the Unseen yet All-Knowing Allah(SWT) of the Universe. It was during one of those retirements and in the still hours of the night, when no human sympathy was near, that an angel came to him to tell him that he was the Messenger of Allah(SWT) sent to reclaim a fallen people to the knowledge and service of their Lord.

Renowned compilers of authentic traditions of Islam agree on the following account of the first revelations received by the Prophet.

Mohammed(PBUH) would seclude himself in the cave of Mount Hira and worship three days and nights. He would, whenever he wished, return to his family at Mecca and then go back again, taking with him the necessities of life. Thus he continued to return to Khadijah from time to time until one day the revelation came down to him and the Angel Gabriel (Jibreel) appeared to him and said: "Read!" But as Mohammed(PBUH) was illiterate, having never received any instruction in reading or writing, he said to the angel: "I am not a reader." The angel took a hold of him and squeezed him as much as he could bear, and then said again: "Read!" Then Prophet said: "I am not a reader." The Angel again seized the Prophet and squeezed him and said: "Read! In the Name of Your Lord, Who has created (all that exists), has created a man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood). Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, Who has taught (the writing) by the pen, has taught man that which he knew not." (Ch 96:1-4 Quran).

Then the Prophet repeated the words with a trembling heart. He returned to Khadijah from Mount Hira and said: "Wrap me up! Wrap me up!" She wrapped him in a garment until his fear was dispelled. He told Khadijah what had occurred and that he was becoming either a soothsayer or one smitten with madness. She replied: "Allah forbid! He will surely not let such a thing happen, for you speak the truth, you are faithful in trust, you bear the afflictions of the people, you spend in good works what you gain in trade, you are hospitable and you assist your fellow men. Have you seen anything terrible?" Mohammed(PBUH) replied: "Yes," and told her what he had seen. Whereupon, Khadijah said: "Rejoice, O dear husband and be cheerful. He is Whose hands stands Khadijah's life bears witness to the truth of this fact, that you will be the prophet to this people." Then she arose and went to her cousin Waraqa Ibn Naufal, who was old and blind and who knew the Scriptures of the Jews and Christians, and is stated to have translated them into Arabic. When she told him of what she had heard, he cried out: "Holy! Holy! Verily, this is the Namus (The Holy Spirit) who came to Moses. He will be the prophet of his people. Tell him this and bid him to be brave at heart." When the two men met subsequently in the street, the blind old student of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures spoke of his faith and trust: "I swear by Him in Who hand Waraqa's life is, Allah(SWT) has chosen you to be the prophet of this people. They will call you a liar, they will persecute you, they will banish you, and they will fight against you. Oh, that I could live to those days. I would fight for these." And he kissed him on the forehead.

At the beginning of his mission, Mohammed(PBUH) - hereinafter called the Prophet - opened his soul only to those who were attached to him and tried to free them from the gross practices of their forefathers. After Khadijah, his cousin' Ali was the next companion. The Prophet used often to go into the desert around Mecca with his wife and young cousin that they might together offer their heart felt thanks to the Lord of all nations for His manifold blessings. Once they were surprised by Abu Talib, the father of 'Ali. He said to the Prophet: "O son of my brother, what is this religion you are following?" "It is the religion of Allah(SWT) of His Angels, of His Messengers and of our ancestor Abraham," answered the Prophet. "Allah(SWT) has sent me to His servants, to direct them towards the truth, and you, O my uncle, are the most worthy of all. It is meet that I should thus call upon you and it is meet that you should accept the truth and help in spreading it."

His first revelation he communicated to no one it would appear, except to Chadidja, his daughters, his stepson Ali, his favorite slave Zaid, and to his friend, the prudent and honest Abu Beker. In the fourth year of his mission, however, he made forty proselytes, chiefly slaves and people from the lower ranks; and now first some verses were revealed to him, commanding him to come forward publicly as a preacher, and to defy the scorn of the unbelievers. The Meccans did not object to his doings; they considered him a common "poet" or "soothsayer," who, moreover, was not in his right senses, or simply a liar. Gradually, however, as the number of his converts increased, they began to pay more and more attention to his proceedings; and finally, fearing mostly for the sacredness of Mecca, which the new doctrine might abolish, thus depriving them of their chief glory, and the ample revenues of the pilgrimages, they rose in fierce opposition against the new prophet and his adherents who dared "to call their ancient gods idols, and their ancestors fools." At last it became necessary that he should be put beyond the reach of his persecutors, and Abu Talib hid him in a fortified castle of his own in the country. Mohammed(PBUH) now conceived the plan to seek refuge in the friendly city of Medina, and about 622 (ten, thirteen or fifteen years - according to the different traditions - after his first assuming the sacred office) he fled thither, about one hundred families of his faithful having preceded him some time before, accompanied by Abu Bekr, and reached, not without danger, the town, called thence "City of the Prophet" by way of eminence; and from this flight or rather from the next month of the Arabic year, dates the Muslim Era (Hegira). Now everything was changed to the advantage of the prophet and his religion; and if formerly the incidents of his life are shrouded in comparative obscurity, they are from this date, known often to their most insignificant details. Formerly a despised "madman or imposter," he now assumed at once the position of highest judge, law-giver, and ruler of the city and two most powerful tribes. The most important act in the first year of the Hegira, was his permission to go to war with the enemies of Islam in the name of God - a kind of manifesto chiefly directed against the Meccans. A battle, the first, between 314 Muslims and about 600 Meccans, was fought at Badr, in the second year of the Hegira; the former gained the victory and made many prisoners. A large number of adventurers now flocked to Mohammed's(PBUH) colors, and his power increased so rapidly that in the sixth year of the Hegira he was able to proclaim a public pilgrimage to Mecca.

It is also said that in his tenure the Prophet made his night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, and thence to heaven. His journey, known in history as Miraj (Ascension) was a real bodily one and not only a vision. It was at this time that Allah(SWT) ordered the Muslims to pray the five daily prayers. He was taken on a white animal which was smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey. Gabriel accompanied the Prophet.

On the first heaven the met Adam(AS), on the second he met Yahya(John) & Isa(Jesus), third he met Yusuf(Joseph), fourth he met Idris (Enoch), fifth he met Harun (Aaron), sixth he met Musa (Moses) & finally he was taken to the seventh heaven where he met Ibrahim (Abraham). Then the five daily prayers were enjoined on him. Firstly, the sum of daily prayers offered to him was fifty, on his way to return he met Musa(AS) who told Muhammed(PBUH) that his believers would not be able to offer fifty prayers a day. He asked him to go back to Allah(SWT) and get it lowered. So Muhammed(PBUH) made multiple trips back to Allah(SWT) on the suggestion of Musa(AS) and got the prayers reduced from fifty to five when finally he felt ashamed to go back & get it further reduced. Then Allah(SWT) ordered five daily prayers to be offered.

Towards the close of the 10th year of the Hegira he undertook, at the head of at least 40,000 Muslims, his last solemn pilgrimage to Mecca, and there (on the Mount Arafat) instructed them in all the important laws and ordinances, chiefly of the pilgrimage; and the ceremonies observed by him on that occasion were fixed for all time. He again solemnly exhorted his believers to righteousness and piety, and chiefly recommended them to protect the weak, the poor, and the women, and to abstain from usury.

Returned from Mecca, he occupied himself again with the carrying out of his expedition against Syria, but fell dangerously ill very soon after his return, and died about noon of Monday the 12th of the third month, in the year 11 of the Hegira (8th of June 632).