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Allah (SWT) created man and jinn to worship him. As evident in the Holy Quran, the sole purpose of everyone's existence is to worship his lord, which in other words is to thank Allah for making us something (giving us a form) and giving us the experience of this life, without his thought we would be absolutely nothing and non-existent. Allah is the creator, the beneficent, the merciful. It is indeed because of him that we are what we are, we have a form and shape. We should never forget that everything is from him only, he gave us existence and gave us minds which do independent thinking. If he wanted he could have simply directed our minds towards him purely so that everyone would have just worshiped him and not get affected by Satan's whisperings. Then there would not have been any independence, there would have not been any right or wrong. Humans will be like what angels are, they have their thinking set only in one direction. Allah(SWT) preferred humans and gave them thought to let them decide right or wrong. Even though everything starts from him and in the end has to return to him, he has given this life as a temporary resting place and made us independent by letting us make our own decisions. Satan instills evil thoughts and beguiles one's away from the straight path. If it is not for the mercy of Allah every human sole will be tempted by the cursed Satan. Allah(SWT) saves humans be it a muslim or a modest non-muslim not thinking of any harm to others. In the hereafter, only the one's submitted to Allah's & testifying his oneness will be moved to Paradise, anyone ascribing partners to him shall have no friends or helper that day. Remember, we don't even have the control of our very next breath. Everything is dependent on Allah.

There are a lot of things that we are dependent on, our death depends on any of the following; no air for 2 mins, no food for 10 days, no sleep for 7 days, no water for 3 days, exposure to raw sun or extreme cold and a lot many other things. We see that we are helpless and depend on many different aspects to survive. It is a critical balance of each of the things that are necessary for our existence. Allah (SWT) has created us and given us a small organ which differentiates us from the rest, the brain. He has given us the power to decide, the power to survive. A clever person is the one who will question his existence, for we are not here to just enjoy.  He searches for answers and  then finally  he does what is better for him in the future. This world is the testing for the  hereafter where we are required to permanently stay.  Our deeds & sins will come before us. The Almighty Allah has given us that small brain & made everyone unique. If it was for him, it is very simple that he would let everyone follow the right path. But with this unique thing he has given us the decision making strength & hence the testing as to who is the better believer in his faith.

From the ancient history, people have searched for the ultimate lord. They thought the sun to be the god & worshiped it, then the moon, the rivers, the land, fire and finally created idols. The search for the man has never ended. It is for the fact that humans know that there is that supreme power, which is the creator, the sustainer & who is the Almighty. For it is not simple to have millions of cells, thousands of blood vessels, infinite DNA's & many organs to work in co-ordination. Some one has put them into work. For every living creature ranging from humans, animals, fish, birds, insects, worms & many others, the life form is different. And still people differ. It is just like humans have various appearances, the may be dark, short, fat & what not, we have divided each other into different sects, different communities, countries & have raced to show our superiority over the others. But life is not a game, it cannot be gambled. It is 'YOU' who as an individual will be answerable at the end once you stand in front of the God. Non believers will say, we followed other regligions or chose to be so called atheists because our fathers followed this, or our forefathers did it or some saints influenced us to do this. Now is where that special organ ' the brain' comes into play. Just because you were born to a particular community would you worship what they worship? Whom are you pleasing? If your parents were ignorant & had no knowledge, would you still prefer to continue doing the same? And at that time, when your fathers or forefathers will be present in front of the God, they will have the same answer. Allah has given you brain to think. There are a million thing, people have adopted as Gods, if you were to be born in one part of the world, you'd follow what they believe. If you were to born in another part of the world, you would be bound to be follow the God that part of the world follows. But.. where is your research to believe what you follow is the truth. How come a newly born baby make a suckling gesture from his mouth? When animals can't talk, how does a newly born animal quickly run to his mothers and start suckling? Who tells him that it is essential for him to survive? How does animals reproduce, who tells them the procedure of reproducing? Who set the earth to encircle the sun and that too in a specific orbit and distance, few miles off the sun we would have frozen to death or few miles near the sun and we would have all burned to death. How come its orbitting at such a precise distance that is is optimal temperature for all living forms to survive? Ask yourself all these questions and you will come to know that there is only one force behind this, Allah - the Almighty.

From the start of the world till date, there are a countless religions followed. From worshiping the planets to the cow, people still teach their children to do the same. You have that unique organ - the brain, question your inner self. Get to the answers which are most pleasing to you, not because some one preached you those. God helps them who help themselves. In your search for answers, you will be surely be guided by the Almighty. Allah (SWT) has sent Messengers from amongst you to every community. For him, it is like a cake walk to take the entire generation back & replace it with the new 'believing' folks. This has happened in the past & historians have no answers to the extinction of such vast civilizations which were taken off by night. From drowning to burning of the entire civilizations, have left many to conclude on the supreme existence of the omnipotent lord - Allah, the almighty.

For every generation, there was a messenger sent. People dis-regarded him & continued to follow what their father did. Some believed in them & became the righteous one's. The only difference between a believer and a non-believer is that when a believer reaches the stage of his death, he is scared and everything that he did comes in front of him and then there is no turning back where as even if a believer dies at a young age, he is happy as he knows that he will be meeting his lord and eventually every one has to die. He will be content with what he has done so far with his life, believed in what he was required to believe - ultimately that is the goal of the life. Non-believers cry out as they always wanted the materialistic world. At that moment, everything they have reaped in the past has come alive. He is all set to go to his lord & pay the due of his sins or deeds. And then he requests, the almighty to grant him some more time in the world so that he can do some good work and be of the righteous. And hence, he is afraid at the time when death is calling. Noticeably, almost 'all' the people who have experienced close calls of death have reverted back to the religion & given out the materialistic world of their life and believed in charity. Be it air crash, car crash or any other survivors, the started believing in the lord more. How can we let ourselves worship gods made by us, we laugh at the illiterate people or villagers who have weird believes. Similarly, God laughs at us for the same. Worshiping humans, animals or idols would not reap any good, for they themselves have no power themselves.

The renowned researchers, religious scientists all have found Islam to be the most logical religion & the one with most reasoning & practical of all the religions of the world. It is known that from the start till date Islam has been followed the same way it has been, where as all other religions have gone in some or the other changes with time. There are instances where newer religions have evolved from the parent religion as a result of the numerous changes. No one is asking for any fee for you to believe, it is your belief which will reflect in the life of the hereafter. It is 'you' who is thinking for your own self, for your betterment, for your future - the ultimate resting place. There is nothing on this earth to be worshiped of, there are many other planets etc floating around in the universe - all believe in one God, Allah, the Supreme, the Omnipotent. Quran is able to answer questions which the contemporary scholars could not, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Think & you will have the guidance, the answer. The only question that is coming between yourself & your thoughts is 'YOU'.